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What Lurks In The Fridge…

Do you remember being a kid and being afraid of something?

When I was little, I remember jumping onto my bed, not gently climbing…violently jumping with a 4 foot start because I was afraid something was going to grab me by my ankles. For some, including me, it’s something as simple as being afraid of the dark. My two oldest kids are 9 and 7 and every night we still leave a lamp on for them. Every night we tuck the kids into bed saying prayers, hugs, kisses and even ensuring that Elijah’s tucked in with his flashlight and nun chucks (because you never know when you’ll need them.) Yet, sometimes that fear of the unknown sneaks in.

Maybe it’s just because Halloween is lurking right around the corner but today, I got a reminder of what that kind of fear is like.

I cleaned my fridge.

And let me tell you…I was frightened. (I was so glad there is a light in there, or else I would have had to borrow Elijah’s flashlight and nun chucks) There was a whole lot of “unknown” going on in there. There were things in my fridge that as I pulled them out…very, very slowly I thought, “When in the world did I make this?” That’s bad. I know, I’m pretty apprehensive to even admit to what the fridge looked like, but I’ve got to be straight forward here.

I am so busy during the day with so many “other” things to do around the house, that I’ll be the first to admit that cleaning the fridge is the absolute last thing on my mind. It’s crazy because I am in the fridge ALL day long…well, not sitting in it, but getting stuff out and putting leftovers in. I just didn’t realize how many leftovers I had put in! It was bad.

For the last two weeks Ray and I have been saying, “Where are all of our Tupperware with LIDS?”, searching all over only to find a lid with not matching partner…I found them. They were being held hostage in my refrigerator, along with Emaleigh’s long lost sandwich box. I’m pretty positive that when I opened up one of the many containers I actually heard it plea for its life. Tupperware after Tupperware of half eaten food, outdated cottage cheese, a bag of drippy lettuce and frosting (that I know grew an eyeball).

Ray thought I was crazy when he would ask me what we’re having for dinner, and I would have no clue…running out of ideas. He thought we had a fridge full of options…little did he know, these “options” were forming their own armies in our fridge.  And, if I hadn’t cleaned it out today they just might have retaliated tomorrow.  With this being said, I courageously cleaned out our entire fridge.  No bad mayonnaise or sour milk was left behind. I cleaned it all, and boy did it feel good! Now that the fridge is clean, one thing is clear; it’s time to go grocery shopping.  Hopefully the next time it needs cleaned; there won’t be anything in there going “bump in the night”.

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