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Growing Pains…

“Mommy, the worst part of my day is that my friends were mean to me…what am I going to do tomorrow if I don’t have any friends?” Ugh.

One of my favorite parts of  my daily routine is picking the kids up from school. Asking them all kinds of questions, to which their usual response is, “I don’t remember” or “recess”. But my heart breaks just a little when I hear they’ve had a bad day.  I am their mom. I am supposed to protect them from this cruel and nasty world that we live in…but I can’t always do that.  Granted, Elijah is only 6 years old, but I can still see the pain in his little round face. Wondering what it’s going to be like tomorrow…I’ll bet that the little boys that weren’t very nice to him have probably forgotten, and life as a 1st grade boy will continue as usual…but for right now, he’s hurt. It’s this kind of hurt that I have always dreaded as a Mom. I can handle the bumps and bruises, but it’s the hurt feelings, and cracked hearts that make me cringe.

In the last 2 years of my life, I have felt hurt like I never even thought was imaginable. I’m not talking childbirth… I’m talking earth shattering, world crumbling, bring you to your knees kind of hurt. My heart was broken by the last person that I ever would have imagined would do something like that. No, it wasn’t intentional, and this “hurt” wasn’t directed at me…but if affected me, and many people around me, who I love dearly…including my kids. A part of their innocence was stripped away, and once again, as much as I try to protect them, sometimes I just can’t.  But, I refuse to just sit back and let my kids handle these situations on their own.  I have made a vow to make sure my kids know that Ray and I are always here for them…no matter what.  I have seen firsthand what bottling up your emotions can do to a person, and all it does is eat you up, until you have nowhere to escape.

I’m not going to lie. When this “hurt” first happened, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to go out of the house. I didn’t want to answer my phone. I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t even want my morning coffee. After a few days of this, I realize it wasn’t healthy. What good was this doing anyone? What kind of a wife am I being? What kind of an example am I setting for my kids? I have always told them, “stand up, brush it off, you’re ok.” And now, here I am, not even following any of my own advice…I needed change.

Once you have experience that deep kind of hurt, you have two choices. You can either let it eat at you, just like the one that hurt you did, and become bitter…or you can take that hurt and make the choice to let it better you. I have made a choice to set the example for my kids and learn from this.   Over the last 2 years I have learned that NONE of my tears will be wasted. I know that no matter how out of control life seems sometimes, God is always in control. I know that no matter how alone a person might feel, you’re never alone. God is always with us. I know that I need to continue to be the best wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend that I know how to be.

As a Mom I need to be present for them, not absent in thoughts. I need to be better, not bitter. I need to be showing grace, not turning my back. I need to be sharing my feelings, not bottling them up. I need to be a friend, not someones enemy. I need to be ALL of the things that Ray and I try everyday to instill in our kids…I know more situations will arise throughout their lives that I won’t be able to protect them from. This is part of the growing process right?  As long as we keep instilling these values that we believe in so much, hopefully their growing pains will only make them better.


Story time…

  I love listening to my kids read…especially around 5 or 6 years old. They are just getting the hang of it and still pronouncing some things wrong…and for me, sometimes it’s just too cute to correct. 

Elijah (my 1st grader) was reading to me the other night. He has gotten really good at reading over the summer, so I don’t have to constantly hover over him while he’s reading… This night, I decided to lay down while he reading to me. It was a Halloween book that he chose so I knew the idea of the story. He was reading to me about “wherecloves” and “skeet-lones”. Now, I don’t know about other parents, but sometimes I can’t help but get the giggles. It’s not that I am laughing at my child, I just think it’s too stinkin’ cute. So of course, I roll over on my stomach and put my head down because not only am I giggling because I have never heard of these words, I am trying to figure out what the heck they are! For the most part, I can match a mispronounced word, but this night I was out of ideas. I pulled myself together, and asked him to read the page again (while I hovered) and saw that he was reading about “werewolves” and “skeletons”. There is a small part of me secretly wished that night that Elijah would stay this little forever… and mispronounce words in books forever. 

Another night we were reading a tractor book that has tabs that you pull up. Well, this particular tab had a pile of sheep hair on it, and when you lifted the tab it said, “Look at all that wool!”. Well, Elijah was lifting the tabs at a pretty fast pace that night because there was a race to see who could get their toothpaste on their toothbrushes fastest! (Anyone else have competitive contests like that?) Anyway, with a quick glance Elijah yells out, “Look at all that WOOOO”…there was no hiding the giggles this time. We were ALL rolling around on the floor laughing, saying “Look at all that WOO!” I’m so glad that Elijah has such a great sense of humor and found it laughable too. Image

Isn’t it nice to look at the world around us through the eyes of a child sometimes? Kids aren’t perfect, and neither are we. I love looking at my kids and just being inspired by their transparency. So go ahead, it’s ok to laugh at yourself sometimes. (Lord knows I do it all the time)

Life’s too short to take it so seriously!



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The Day I learned…

I’m sure you, just like me, can remember certain times in your life where others have taught you a very valuable lessons. Whether it be a parent, a friend, or a complete stranger…I have learned alot of lessons in my 30 years. Some are a little bit more profound than others, but nontheless, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. I found a notebook earlier today where I jotted down some of the so called “innocent” things that my children have done in their younger years, where we learned valuable lessons, so I figured I would share a few.

I’ll start with my favorite. Emaleigh was 4 1/2 and her favorite movie at the time was Little Rascals. Her and Elijah (who was 2 at the time) were playing in the front yard. They were pretending to be race car drivers, just like the Little Rascals. They had been playing and laughing for quite some time, when all of the sudden, like it had come out of a megaphone, I hear Emaleigh say, “Come on, bitch!” (Now…before you stop reading my blog because you now think I am a bad parent for speaking such language in front of my kids…let me explain. If you recall the movie, Little Rascals, there is a little boy named Butch who is the bully. Apparently, I was unaware that’s the part that Elijah was playing). Ok back to my 4 year old yelling profanities…in our front yard…while neighbors are outside. I calmly look over at her and say, “Emaleigh, what did you say?” Bad idea. She says, “I said, Come on bitch!”, with a look on her face that is so innocent, all I could do was grit my teeth, and smile.  At this point I can just feel my face flushing of all color and say, “Emaleigh, that is not a word that we use. That’s a very bad word.”  She just continues to smile (knowing she has done nothing wrong) and says, “But Mommy, that’s the bullies name in Little Rascals.”  That’s the day that my daughter learned that “bitch” is in fact a bad word, and not the name of the bully.

Another time, Emaleigh was about the same age and we were driving in the car. We were singing along to the music, when I hear her say, “Mommy, God must have had a knife, huh?”…I turn down the music trying to figure out what kind of an answer I am going to need to explain this one. I said, “Why do you say that?” And her response was simply, “Well, how else did we get our buttcracks?” That’s the day I learned that we needed to take a break from making Play-do people.

This past summer we decided to get another dog to try and keep Chewy busy. Well that didn’t last long. Not only was the dog a little “iffy”, he was a little too friendly when the kids wanted to play outside. One day, Elijah came inside so upset, and he said, “Mommy, I don’t like playing outside anymore because Spike always wants me to give him piggy-back rides.” That’s the day Elijah learned to run REALLY fast to the swing set.

Hopefully this put a smile on your face, because I know it did mine. I encourage all parents to look for lessons in all situations…trust me, there usually is one. And that will be “the day you learned…”


The day Emaleigh and Elijah learned what Port-A-Potties are.

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Things They Never Told Me…

    Wow. My first blog…ever! This is pretty exciting to me, as you can tell. I have so many thoughts on what I could or should write about, but I’ll keep it to what ‘s been on my mind all day…here it goes!

 Eight years ago today, God blessed me with a daughter…and I became a Mother for the very first time at 22 years old.  As soon as I saw her, my life was changed forever. She was beautiful. They never told me how beautiful she would be.  I remember when she would wake up in the middle of the night, and I would just rock her…and watch her sleep.  I would sit there in awe, imagining what it would be like when she was older. They never told me how fast those times really do fly by.

Now looking back I see Emaleigh, 2 years old, meeting her brand new baby brother, “Beebee Yijah”, for the first time. Then, when she was 3 years old, dancing and singing in every princess costume imaginable. My big 4 year old starting preschool and really letting her Daddy’s personality shine through…making friends with everyone.  Wow, she’s 5 and starting Kindergarten…trying to run home during recess because she missed her Mommy. My first grader is now 6 and has calluses on her hand like she’s been doing the monkey bars all of her life. So excited at 7 to be a big sister for the second time, and being a little “mini mommy” helping at every opportunity she gets. And now 8…She has blossomed into the most beautiful, smart, kind, energetic and sassy little girl that I have ever come to love.

Tonight, I sit here feeling so blessed to be a mother of 3. They never told me just how blessed I could feel.

Happy Birthday Emaleigh.



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