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I love him for that…

It’s so crazy to think that it was already 9 years ago, today, that I said “I DO” to my best friend, the man of my dreams. It seems like just yesterday I walked down the isle…I wasn’t nervous at all that day because I knew…I would love him forever.

As a little girl I always dreamed of what my wedding day would be like. Who would I marry? Would he be “tall, dark, and handsome”, like the fairy tales always said? Well, I must say that my dreams are nothing compared to my reality. I mean that in the best way, of course. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls in the world. I married the most caring, humorous, handsome man that I know. I mean…look at him. (I skipped right over “tall and dark” and went straight for the handsome!)



Speaking for me, our connection was instant. I had never met anyone like Ray…immediately, I wanted to just be with him all of the time. So finally, I gave in 🙂 and we began “officially dating” in June 2001. If you ever want the real story on how we met, please ask me… don’t ask Ray, because it’s filled with some nonsense. 🙂 I know you’re thinking, “Ray tell a nonsense story?” (I’ll save that for another blog)…Nonetheless, my world has never been the same…and I love him for that.

One of the first things that I noticed about Ray was his outgoing personality. He is always going out of his way to meet new people, or just make someone laugh. He really caught my eye with his rendition of Billy Jean. 😉 My Ray has some sweet Michael Jackson moves, in case you didn’t know. I always look forward to weddings and Christmas parties because there is bound to be some MJ played…and I love him for that.

Some things don’t change, he’s still that same guy. He is the one person that can put a smile on my face after having the worst day ever. He’s the person I love to be silly with, and I could spend an entire night just laughing with him (or at him). He has helped me realize it’s ok to be yourself. To laugh at yourself, even when you don’t want to…and I love him for that.


These past nine years have been amazing. But, they haven’t all been easy. We have gone through some junk…and Ray has loved me through it all. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world because everything our marriage has endured, has only made it that much stronger.   Ray knows me better than I think I know myself sometimes. He knows when I need a hug, when I need an ear to listen, when I need a drumstick, or when I just need some quiet. He loves me when I’m at my best, and he loves me even more when I’m at my worst….and I love him for that.


These past 9 years have been better than I ever could have hoped. Thanks to Ray, I laugh more, love more, learn more, and cry more (totally kidding!) I look forward to spending many, many more years with my best friend. “I go where you go”…and I love you for that.

Happy 9th Anniversary!


Silly Is Our Middle Name

One of my favorite things to do is be silly with my kids.  Last night, we spent 2 hours trying on headbands, talking to our “friends” in the mirror, practicing our “duck faces”, dancing in the kitchen, farting (the kids might tell you different, but I was not included in this part ;)) and best of all; laughing. I LOVE hearing my kids laugh. Emaleigh’s laugh sounds like a chipmunk with a fast forward button. Elijah’s laugh is laughing mixed with trying to talk, and Eydan is still trying to find his laugh…but it sounds very “throaty”, almost maniacal. 

It started out with our bag of hair doodles spilling all over the floor. And, instead of picking them up and putting them away, we decided to put as many as we could on our heads. We all looked pretty silly, but Elijah thought he looked like a “cool boy”. Our medicine cabinet has 3 mirrors, so he turned in the two outer ones so when he put his face in the middle, there were about 15 reflections of him. I wish I could remember the conversation he was having with his “friends”, but all I can recall is him saying, “Dude, nice to see you!” Emaleigh saw how fun it was, so they began taking turns chatting with their “friends”. This shouldn’t concern me right? 🙂

But, the thing that had the kids laughing at the most was a squirt bottle. Pretty simple right? Emaleigh was taking turns spraying water into everyones mouth, and if you pretended like it hurt, Eydan would laugh hysterically…or maniacally. 🙂 Then he accidentally bumped his head on the wall, and it became even more funny! It was no longer the squirt bottle that was making him laugh, it was him bumping his head on the wall. It was one of those laughs where you can’t help but laugh because it’s obviously so funny to everyone else! Seriously, our fun consisted of talking to our “friends” and hitting our heads on the wall. Should I be concerned yet? Absolutely not. I love using my imagination along with my kids. Laughter (accompanied by a few toots) filling our home last night was just what this Mommy needed. It truly is the “best medicine”.

Don’t be afraid to be silly with your kids…before you know it, all of your daily troubles will fade and you’ll be having just as much fun as they are, if not more.

Our best “duck face”…Eydan hasn’t mastered his yet, so he wasn’t included. He was busy getting out the toaster. 




 Yes, please take notice that Eydan is sitting on our toaster. He was pretending it was his dog, or something. Should I be concerned now? 😉 


The Double Headed Hat

I love those “I must write that down in your baby book” moments with my kids. Yesterday, while shopping for a Wisconsin souvenir (at Target) we walked past the ladies undergarments section. Normally Eydan is in a cart, but he is at an age where he just likes to walk everywhere, climb on everything, and say “hi” to everyone. Anyway, we walk past a rack full of bright, neon colored bras hanging on the bottom of the rack…I’m not sure if we were just in the extremely short section of Target, but these bras were in perfect reach for a 1 year old! He waddles right over to the hot pink one and says, “cue”!! In Eydan language this is ‘cute’ and also one do his current favorite adjectives. (Right up there with “stinky” and “pew”…)

Anyway, Em and Bubba busted out laughing. Bubba just couldn’t believe that Eydan poked a bra, and Em thought it was absolutely hilarious that he thought it was “cue”! Eydan is a lot like his big sister Emaleigh, and his Daddy in the respect that once he knows someone thinks he’s fumy, he’ll ham it up even more. So, he decided to put the bra on his head. Only one cup of course, and he must have grabbed a D because it fit his melon perfectly! That just fumed the fire of laughter. Then, without skipping a beat Elijah said, “Mommy, Eydan thinks its a double headed hat”! And that’s when it hit me… I had just come up with THE most brilliant idea ever!

Let me explain…When Emaleigh and Elijah argue (which they were not that night, l guess I was just thinking ahead for the next time) we started making them hold hands for 5 minutes. Doesn’t matter where we are, that’s their punishment. Because really, when you’re 6 and 8 everyone still has cooties. Well this has worked to an extent, and then it kind of faded away. Then, I see a picture of an oversized t-shirt that said, WE WERE NOT GETTING ALONG in big letters. You place both of your kids in this shirt and make them wear it…together! Um, brilliant.

But THEN, I had my “Doubled-headed-hat-lightbulb-idea”. It’s quite simple really. If your kids begin to argue all you do is gently place both of their heads in the cups of a bra (any will do…the smaller the better) and strap them together. And, you can even do it in the store. Just go borrow one off of the rack until they decide to behave again.

I love my kids, and I am all about trying to fond creative bonding experiences for them. And I am pretty sure that if I ever even threatened them with the Double Headed Hat they would immediately stop arguing. Then, hopefully they will never have a picture in their baby book of the time they had to wear it.

Thank me later, but I am pretty sure that I just became the World’s Most Brilliant Mom…or at least the Most Embarrassing one.


Double Headed Hat…patent coming soon. 

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“Rockin’ and Rollin’ and What-not”

Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids and thought, “Wow, I never realized this movie was so…bad!” Ray is a huge movie buff, and we are all about the oldies, but goodies. Grease is definitely on that list. Emaleigh is now a huge fan… So huge that she picked that movie twice on our 16 hour drive. Twenty movies to pick from, and she chooses it twice. Which is no big deal to me because I could sing “Summer Nights'” and “We Go Together” all…day…long.

Anyway, I am quite surprised that Emaleigh hasn’t questioned some of the lyrics, but she is too busy just trying to learn them so she can sing along with me! Bubba is the one who had some questions tonight. His first one was, “Mommy, can I be a T-Bird when I get to high school?” In Bubba’s head he’s totally Danny Zuko, but I think he’s more of a Sunny or Doody. 🙂 Anyway, I told him that they didn’t really have things like that anymore and he informed me, quite assuringly, that he was going to “just have to invent them again!” So cute. Seriously…my little buddy is always coming up with some great things to accomplish when he gets older. Top of his list right now is making sure that the T-Birds and Pink Ladies rise again.

But, this question was pretty early on in the movie. I was singing along to “Beauty School Dropouot” (in my head of course because we’re staying with family for the week…didn’t want to weird anyone out-hehe) and towards the end of the song Bubba so slyly I walks style and says, “Mommy, what’s a hooker?” Thanks alot Frankie Avalon…Now I can’t sing in my head anymore. I have to sing annoyingly over the music so that my kids will never know the right words. “But no customer would go to you unless she was a LOOKER!” Phew. That was close.

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“Are We There Yet?”

Well…we made it to Wisconsin! To be honest, I was a little anxious about how we were all going to do. Em and Bubba have road tripped before, but this was Eydan’s first time. I was also a tad nervous because Eydan was sleep deprived due to the cold he has been battling, and Bubba got sent home the day prior with pink eye…So glad to report that they all did AWESOME! We traveled through 3 different states (not including beautiful Colorado) in 16 hours. Sixteen hours in a car packed with 3 kids, 1 “big kid”, pillows, suitcases, movies, a cooler full of carbon dioxide-emitting dry ice, snacks, protein farts, audio books, and less than a handful of “Are we there yet” comments, and me. Yes, protein farts. Don’t be jealous or worried-they weren’t mine.

Throughout the drive I came to the realization that I love the Midwest. Colorado, Iowa, and Wisconsin are absolutely beautiful. Sorry Husker fans, it was dark through Nebraska so I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t miss much. 😉 Anyway, I loved the scenery. Although every once in a while it would get blocked by the Dodge Ram pickup that would speed up, get next to us, and slow down, then speed up. Ugh…a few hours of this and I also realized that this makes me quite irritable. Thinking back we should have rolled down the window and let him get a wiff of the protein farts! That might have deterred him a bit. The funniest thing about this pickup was that he had glued a Corona bottle underneath the mouth of the Ram emblem on his tailgate. So for a while, our view was of a Ram sipping on a Corona. Keep it classy Mr. Dodge.

Finally, he took an exit and our view was no longer blocked. Like I said…I love the Midwest. Not so much of the road kill and splatters of blood on the sides of the road. Pretty sure we ran over a “chunk of something” and that “chunk of something” decided to break loose from underneath the car a few miles down the road. Sorry for the visual, but the thump had us worried for a while. For a while we thought our cooler packed with green chile cooler was ready to explode…Then we pulled over and Ray noticed some remnants on the tire. Yummy.

No…What I loved was the water towers, the King Kong diners, the silos, the old tattered barns, the rolling hills, the random billboards, the jet planes on stands, the wind turbines, the truck stops where Eydan would greet everyone, the dinosaurs on the side of the road, and crossing the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I river. Most of all I love that we get an entire week to spend with our little niece (and her parents of course). So glad we made it safe and sound.


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Did I Mention?

Yesterday I took a challenge to write a blog post every single day for the month of November in honor of National Blog Posting Month aka NaBloPoMo. It is now the 2nd of November and I’m writing my first one for the month. Yes, I realize I am a day behind. I have also realized that this is why I am not good with diets, a workout regiment, or even New Year’s Resolutions. Apparently I lack the self discipline to…follow through. Well, realizing I was a day in and already failing at my new “challenge” I went to bed last night in a really poor attitude, and unfortunately that attitude has thrown up all over my Friday.

I pride myself in being a pretty positive person, trying to always see the good in situations…but today is one of those days where I have been tested in every turn, to see the positive and carry on with a smile. I have really struggled to see the glass half full, and being as it’s the month of thankfulness, hopefully after I write, I’ll be able to look back and see the good.

I woke up this morning at about midnight. Not because I wanted to, but because Eydan has felt pretty crummy these last few days. Did I mention we’re leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow night? Anyway, after about my 4th trip up the stairs to find his binky or to give him his blanket he had thrown overboard, I decided it would be best to just sleep on the couch. (Groggy Caiti doesn’t mix well with stairs) So, every hour I was up with Eydan. Finally, he fell asleep…with his foot lodged in my temple. At this point, I really didn’t care. He was asleep. Unfortunately I wasn’t.

At about 7am I heard Chewy and Ray head up the stairs (hoping Eydan would stay asleep), but he loves his Daddy so much I almost think he has a 6th, maybe 7th sense… and he just knows he’s around. “Dada, Dada, Dada.” Ok, it was time to get up. I managed to stumble off of the couch and go wake the other 2 kids up. They got ready for school, and as we headed out the door they both said simultaneously, “Mommy, we need lunch money!” Did I mention we are leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow night? I assured them I would make their lunches when I got home and deliver them before lunchtime.  As forgetful as I can be, I even set an alarm on my phone to remind me.

Anyway, we headed off to school with no lunches and as I’m dropping them off… Ray calls. “Honey, please come pick me up, and take me to work. I ran out of gas.”  Ah, YES. Finally, it was HIS turn to be the one to run out of gas. It really DOES happen to people, other than me! I withheld all of my smarty pants comments and headed pick him up. We took Ray to work. Phew. We got home and I started the washing machine…we WILL have clean clothes for our trip. Did I mention we’re leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow night?

Pretty soon my phone alarm starts beeping. Why in the world is my alarm going off at 10am? Oh yeah, I’m supposed to meet friends for coffee! Oh. Ugh. Oh yeah, lunches! I get the lunches made, load up in the car and we head to the school to deliver the lunches. Boy, the kids are going to be so proud that; 1. I didn’t forget and 2. I’m early! I sign in to the school and we head down the hallway. I drop off Em’s lunch on her desk (she’s going to be so excited that I snuck a pack of Skittles in it). We walk into Bubba’s classroom and his teacher immediately says, “Is he ok?” Elijah turns around to look at me with a red, watery, swollen-underneath eye. I think we all know what that means…he has pinkeye. Or as we like to call it “poop eye”. Did I mention we’re leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow night? I left the school with an extra kid…we headed to the doctor. Headed to the doctor so he could tell us what we already knew. But the last thing we need is to spread poop eye…errr…pink eye to everyone.

We wait, and wait, and wait at the doctor. Finally, Ray told me to take Eydan and Steven (our friend) home to feed them lunch. So Ray waited and waited and waited. Meanwhile, I got home with the other boys and low and behold I find some non-expired prescription medication in our bathroom cabinet. For what you ask? Poop eye! Oh boy, do I dare even let Ray know? My stomach sank, knowing the frustration we were both feeling having to wait SO long! I decided this conversation might be better via text. I was a few minutes late because they just sat down in the exam room. Sigh.

At that time I realized I had a load of laundry in the washer that I needed to put in the dryer. I head downstairs to a “wet” smell. Hmm…I turn the corner into the laundry room and see that there is water surrounding our washer, and dryer. I grab a pile of towels that luckily were in the “dirty” pile, and for a border around the washer and dryer. It now somewhat resembles a mote. Apparently I overfilled the washer just a wee tad. I was just trying to get all of the clothes cleaned asap. Just a hint: overfilling your washer is NOT the way to do that. Did I mention that we’re leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow?

Wow, I’m already feeling better and starting to look at all of this in a new light. I’m thankful for a new day. Although I missed my first day to blog, I realize that I still have 29 days in the month of November to write.

I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to take care of my babies when they don’t feel good. Eydan is not a snuggler, but when he doesn’t feel good…he’s all about the cuddles. I love that.

I’m thankful that we had the supplies necessary to make lunches for my kids so I wouldn’t have to write a check for $4.

I’m thankful that I am not the only one who runs out of gas. Ray does it too…and now it’s recorded.

I’m thankful for friends that understand you have to miss the coffee date, because they’re moms too…and they know taking care of your kids comes first.

I’m thankful for the doctor’s office. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to get Elijah’s poop eye medicine. Well, technically we didn’t need the doctor’s office today since we already had a supply of the needed medicine at home. But that’s neither here, nor there.

I’m thankful for naptime. Today, without it, I wouldn’t have been able to fold the 5 baskets of laundry that WERE clean already. Not only did I get it all folded, I also got it put away. Go me. (Except for Eydan’s pile that he (so rudely) shoved off of the couch when naptime was over.

I’m thankful that there are good days ahead. Not every day is as challenging as this one has been.  Tomorrow’s a new day, and it’s going to be great…why, because I said so. Did I mention that we’re leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow night?


Waiting the the official “poop eye” diagnosis.

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