Sharing my adventures, thoughts and occassional jokes. Sorting through laundry, and a little bit of life…This is How I Train My Dragons…

Story time…

on August 21, 2012

  I love listening to my kids read…especially around 5 or 6 years old. They are just getting the hang of it and still pronouncing some things wrong…and for me, sometimes it’s just too cute to correct. 

Elijah (my 1st grader) was reading to me the other night. He has gotten really good at reading over the summer, so I don’t have to constantly hover over him while he’s reading… This night, I decided to lay down while he reading to me. It was a Halloween book that he chose so I knew the idea of the story. He was reading to me about “wherecloves” and “skeet-lones”. Now, I don’t know about other parents, but sometimes I can’t help but get the giggles. It’s not that I am laughing at my child, I just think it’s too stinkin’ cute. So of course, I roll over on my stomach and put my head down because not only am I giggling because I have never heard of these words, I am trying to figure out what the heck they are! For the most part, I can match a mispronounced word, but this night I was out of ideas. I pulled myself together, and asked him to read the page again (while I hovered) and saw that he was reading about “werewolves” and “skeletons”. There is a small part of me secretly wished that night that Elijah would stay this little forever… and mispronounce words in books forever. 

Another night we were reading a tractor book that has tabs that you pull up. Well, this particular tab had a pile of sheep hair on it, and when you lifted the tab it said, “Look at all that wool!”. Well, Elijah was lifting the tabs at a pretty fast pace that night because there was a race to see who could get their toothpaste on their toothbrushes fastest! (Anyone else have competitive contests like that?) Anyway, with a quick glance Elijah yells out, “Look at all that WOOOO”…there was no hiding the giggles this time. We were ALL rolling around on the floor laughing, saying “Look at all that WOO!” I’m so glad that Elijah has such a great sense of humor and found it laughable too. Image

Isn’t it nice to look at the world around us through the eyes of a child sometimes? Kids aren’t perfect, and neither are we. I love looking at my kids and just being inspired by their transparency. So go ahead, it’s ok to laugh at yourself sometimes. (Lord knows I do it all the time)

Life’s too short to take it so seriously!



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