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Are the Referees Doing the Robot?

on September 17, 2012

So, tonight I sit here with Ray watching the Denver Broncos play…on our tv…together.  Never in our entire marriage, did I ever think we would be watching football…on our tv…together. Ever since I have known him, Ray has never been one to perk up his ears when he has heard Monday Night Football…it’s more of a tune out. This has never bothered me because, honestly, although I would consider myself a Bronco fan, I don’t sit and watch the games either. Then, we leave it up to Facebook and Twitter to give us the play by plays and game winning announcements. 

But, this last week, Ray decided to give watching football a try. We have been eagerly waiting this Monday night football game (even though I had to ask what time it was on about 6 times today). When I got ready this morning, I put on my orange and blue shirt, my Bronco socks, blew up a giant football, and got out my dusty horse head helmet. Unfortunately, I then looked at the clock and realized I still had about 10 hours until kickoff. Then, when time got closer of course, the kids and I went to the store and got “football” food and came home…again, anxiously awaiting the game! Ray got home, we ate our pizza, Doritos, bean dip and drank our orange Fanta (I know true Bronco fans drink Orange Crush, but I am frugal and Fanta was only $1)…and it was time! We all found our seats on the couch, got out the board games, began to play Headbanz, the football game started and it….was….so…awkward.

I have to admit, it felt so unfamiliar I was almost uncomfortable. What do they say? Football is like the hearbeat of America…wait, that’s Chevy. However the saying goes, I know that football is an intricate part of our society, yet in our house…on our tv…it is weird! 

Have you ever done something that you thought would be a great idea, but it left you feeling so uncomfortable you wanted to back out? I turned 30 this last month, and it really made me realize that if I am not uncomfortable within my skin sometimes, I’m not doing something right. In other words, if I am not doing something that challenges me, I’m not going to grow. This is why I have decided to begin writing a blog. The first blog I wrote scared the crap out of me…As soon as I pushed send, I became my worst critic. What are people going to think? Am I really as funny as I think I am? For any of you that know me, I am not a public speaker…that is why a blog sounded so tempting to me. Recently, I had my first meeting as PTO president within our school (didn’t I just say I’m not a public speaker?), and once again…I have never felt so uncomfortable.

I looked up the definition of strange and it says: Unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand. There you have it…not everything that makes you uncomfortable is bad. It can be surprising, yet hard to understand. I don’t understand many things (like why I was selected for a leadership position, or even the talk of “rent a refs”) but I do know that I am growing as a person, and I am excited about that.

I am all about growth and bettering yourself, which is why I have been so supportive and excited for Ray when he decided he wanted to start watching football. He has been SO unbelievably supportive with the small steps that I have taken over these last few months, so I want to do the exact same for him. So, if I could leave you with a tidbit of advice tonight it would be this: No matter how big or small their dream is, always be supportive of your spouse. It might be uncomfortable because it’s not something that you can understand, but be there for them. Even if you’re sitting on a couch with luke warm bean dip and a watered down Fanta, trying to understand those crazy robot hand signals the refs do… at least you’re doing it together. I love my husband, and his new found love for football, and the Denver Broncos.

One response to “Are the Referees Doing the Robot?

  1. Brigitte G. says:

    Wonderful blog! I needed to hear this and will take your advice. 🙂 thanks!

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