Sharing my adventures, thoughts and occassional jokes. Sorting through laundry, and a little bit of life…This is How I Train My Dragons…

Silly Is Our Middle Name

on November 15, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is be silly with my kids.  Last night, we spent 2 hours trying on headbands, talking to our “friends” in the mirror, practicing our “duck faces”, dancing in the kitchen, farting (the kids might tell you different, but I was not included in this part ;)) and best of all; laughing. I LOVE hearing my kids laugh. Emaleigh’s laugh sounds like a chipmunk with a fast forward button. Elijah’s laugh is laughing mixed with trying to talk, and Eydan is still trying to find his laugh…but it sounds very “throaty”, almost maniacal. 

It started out with our bag of hair doodles spilling all over the floor. And, instead of picking them up and putting them away, we decided to put as many as we could on our heads. We all looked pretty silly, but Elijah thought he looked like a “cool boy”. Our medicine cabinet has 3 mirrors, so he turned in the two outer ones so when he put his face in the middle, there were about 15 reflections of him. I wish I could remember the conversation he was having with his “friends”, but all I can recall is him saying, “Dude, nice to see you!” Emaleigh saw how fun it was, so they began taking turns chatting with their “friends”. This shouldn’t concern me right? 🙂

But, the thing that had the kids laughing at the most was a squirt bottle. Pretty simple right? Emaleigh was taking turns spraying water into everyones mouth, and if you pretended like it hurt, Eydan would laugh hysterically…or maniacally. 🙂 Then he accidentally bumped his head on the wall, and it became even more funny! It was no longer the squirt bottle that was making him laugh, it was him bumping his head on the wall. It was one of those laughs where you can’t help but laugh because it’s obviously so funny to everyone else! Seriously, our fun consisted of talking to our “friends” and hitting our heads on the wall. Should I be concerned yet? Absolutely not. I love using my imagination along with my kids. Laughter (accompanied by a few toots) filling our home last night was just what this Mommy needed. It truly is the “best medicine”.

Don’t be afraid to be silly with your kids…before you know it, all of your daily troubles will fade and you’ll be having just as much fun as they are, if not more.

Our best “duck face”…Eydan hasn’t mastered his yet, so he wasn’t included. He was busy getting out the toaster. 




 Yes, please take notice that Eydan is sitting on our toaster. He was pretending it was his dog, or something. Should I be concerned now? 😉 

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