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Dust Yourself Off…

on April 4, 2016

So, I’m going to be real. I should have known when I didn’t have time to shower before class, it was going to be an “off” day. I can honestly say that this is the first time this semester that I haven’t showered before class…probably just like the rest of my fellow (and much younger) college students today. And, to make it worse, I went to boot camp this morning. I know, gross right? But, I had to get cakes frosted before my 8 o’clock class and there just wasn’t time.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why in the world I’m sharing my lack of hygiene with you today. I’m just keeping it real…this is me. Today has been stressful and a I’ve had a bit of a knock to the gut. It’s amazing how it can go from one day being so perfect to the next just getting all of the air taken out of your sails.

You see, I’m an English major, therefore taking 2 English classes in that department.  There are only 4 weeks left in the semester and I feel so behind on my reading. I’m also a business minor (add 2 more classes) which I’m struggling to keep a B- in one of those classes right now. Today, we had an exam that I barely passed. I felt so defeated. Wondering, why am I even doing this? Just feeling completely overwhelmed with life and everything I have going on. So you see, just one of those days where I feel blah on the outside and it’s reflecting how I am feeling on the inside. It was one of those days where as soon as I saw Ray, I cried. You know those kinds of days right? I hope I’m not the only one.

Well I got home and as I was walking inside I glanced to the front of the house, where a bunch of little daffodils were peeking out of the dirt. I thought about how much crappy weather we have been having lately and yet, they still managed to make it. They have survived wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and snow…and they are still standing tall as and shining the most beautiful yellow I’ve ever seen. They persevered, pushed through the soil, and grew.

I want to be like the daffodils in my front yard. I don’t want a bad day to decide what is going to break me down.  It’s times like this that I have to decide what I will allow to break me and what I will allow to make me. The work that God is doing inside of me is so much bigger than a bad day (without a shower) and an almost failed test. I’m going to push through, pass all of my classes, and move on to next semester knowing that I can do this. I’m going to dust myself off…and try again. Today doesn’t define me. Tomorrow is a new day. The daffodils didn’t let the wind push them over, or the snow wilt their leaves. They grew into beautiful flowers. And, just like them, I’m not going to let these circumstances get in the way of the growing that God is doing in me…neither should you.

Just like the daffodils…push through the soil…feeling the sunlight on your face (the light at the end of the tunnel) will be worth the fight.

But first, I should shower.







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