Sharing my adventures, thoughts and occassional jokes. Sorting through laundry, and a little bit of life…This is How I Train My Dragons…

In That Moment

on July 1, 2018

So, tonight the kids and I were driving home from an afternoon at my in-laws. I put on my Worship playlist and throughout the 45 minute drive home, we probably listened to a total of about 3 songs because I kept having to turn down the music. I found myself getting frustrated because all I wanted to do was listen to music, yet here I was listening to the kids giggle about farts, talk about Jurassic World, and repeatedly ask what our plans were for tomorrow. (It’s summer miniature people…we have no plans!)

About the 14th time I turned down the music it was because Eydan (my 7 year old) had a question. He said, “Mommy, do you ever wonder if it’s you talking in your head or if it’s actually God talking to you?” After a moment of thinking about conversations I’ve had in my own head wondering if it was truly God’s voice, I said,  “Yes buddy I do. Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide who is talking. So, how do you know if it’s God or you?” Without even skipping a beat he said, “Well His voice is WAY deeper than mine!” I told him that would be very helpful and then asked if they talk and if so, what kind of conversations they have?  He said, “We talk about lots of stuff, but He really likes it when I tell him jokes.” Now, if anyone knows our Eydan, you know he is our little comedian always making us laugh, and always keeping us on our toes. So, to know that not only does he make God smile every day, but the kid gets Him to laugh.

In that brief moment, I was giggling thinking about God laughing at Eydan’s jokes with a jolly, low, Santa Claus-ish laugh. But, now looking back I am in awe of a God who has conversations with my 7 year old and laughs at his jokes making him feel so very special inside. In that moment, I was glad I turned down the music for the umpteenth time so I could hear my sweet boy share his heart with us. It’s a conversation I know I will remember forever, and I hope he does too.

In that moment, I realized that it’s ok to just sit in quiet. Although it was good music I was listening to, sometimes we need to be quiet in order to hear His voice. Life is so busy and loud that it’s ok to just be still. Sometimes you won’t hear His voice in your own head…sometimes you’ll hear it in the sweet voice of your 7 year old.



One response to “In That Moment

  1. Vivian says:

    Awesome! ❤️😎❤️

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