Sharing my adventures, thoughts and occassional jokes. Sorting through laundry, and a little bit of life…This is How I Train My Dragons…


on October 14, 2012

This weekend all 3 of our kids stayed in Denver with the Grandparents. It has been a LONG time since all of the kids have stayed somewhere at the same time…for two nights. So, Ray got home from work Friday night and we decide to go out to eat; just the two of us.  It was so weird not being placed in the “family section”, requesting a high chair (wrestling Eydan to sit in said high chair the entire meal), asking the waiter to come back, more than once, for sides of ranch, and being constantly asked for a quarter to use in the bouncy ball machine. We got sat in a two person booth, with dim lighting. I forgot that they made booths for two people. I felt like a teenager that just got upgraded to sit at the Adult Table at Thanksgiving…no more mashed potato flinging, crayon slinging kid table. It was nice to have a date night. 

That’s not even the end of our night! After dinner, we went and got a movie and some hair dye. Oh yeah, we picked up some light bulbs too. J I know, I know. We are two wild and crazy kids going to Wal-Mart on a Friday night. Woot woot! Truthfully, we almost went and got Ray’s hair cut. And, if anyone reading this has been married or has kids…I hope you understand that time alone comes few and far between. And, if anyone reading this has seen Ray’s hair, I hope you understand why a hair cut is on the top our “we-are-kid-less-for-the-night-so-what-should-we-do-night”. So, spending time with Ray while he got his hair cut sounded like a great night to me. I’m pretty easy to please. Well, we decided to save the hair cut for another crazy, “let our hair down” kind of night. Get it? Hair cut…let your hair down. Sorry, I tend to amuse myself. Anyway, after dinner and our Wal-Mart trip we headed home. We got comfy on the couch, I snuggled in my Snuggie (not afraid to admit I have one), and we put the movie in. We got The Hunger Games. It was also quite strange watching a movie without being constantly asked, “is that the good guy”…unless Ray was asking me this question, I wouldn’t know because I fell asleep within 5 minutes of the movie! Is anyone else like that? I was so excited to spend time alone with Ray, snuggling, watching movies…and I fall asleep before the tributes even go to the Capitol! I didn’t even get to drink my un-shared, un-slobbered on, Diet Coke. This Mama was pooped. Apparently date night equaled fall asleep at 9:30pm on the couch night. It was amazing.

Then, yesterday I helped serve bratwurst at Greeley Harley. I got done helping out there at about 3pm  Let’s have a quick math session. I got off at 3, and Ray had to work until 6…that left me with 3 hours by myself. Three hours doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but for me it could be filled with endless possibilities. I could do laundry without having to fold and refold the same thing more than once if it gets knocked off the couch. I could mop the floors without having tiny foot streaks, or someone doing the moonwalk across the wet floor (Ray was at work remember). I could mow the lawn. I could read a book. I could watch something other than the Disney Channel. I got home, and did NONE of the above. I plopped my butt on the couch, and fell asleep. What is it with me and falling asleep when the kids aren’t around? J After my 30 minute nap, I decided to get up. No, not up off of the couch. I just sat up. I flipped through the TV trying to find something that I wanted to watch and I found it…Steel Magnolias. One of my favorite movies of all time. I turned the channel, and let’s just say I was a little more than disappointed when the schedule on the TV was wrong; that is not what was on. So, I decided to keep searching. I found the next best thing; Basketball Wives of LA. Seriously, I have never watched that show, but I was hooked. I moved off of the couch one time, and that was to go buy a brownie and some Chocolate Brownie Chunk ice cream. My unopened box of hair dye couldn’t even convince me to move! I shamelessly watched 2 ½ hours of Basketball Wives while eating ice cream. I was the poster child for a couch potato last night. It was amazing.

It has been a nice, relaxing weekend; spending time with my best friend. It was much needed. As a wife, and a Mom…it was needed. But now, we sit here lacking the 3 missing links of our family…we’re ready to see our babies. I wouldn’t change the high chair wrestling, the crayon slinging, the Disney Channel, the hundreds of bouncy balls around the house, or the folding/refolding laundry sessions for anything.

It’s amazing. 


2 responses to “Amazing

  1. dawn says:

    Very sweet! And glad you got some much needed rest!

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