Sharing my adventures, thoughts and occassional jokes. Sorting through laundry, and a little bit of life…This is How I Train My Dragons…

…They Still Loved Me.

on October 29, 2012

I loved my childhood. My favorite part was being around my brothers. I had (still have) two of the best big brothers a girl could have asked for. I have so many fond memories growing up, and most of them contain Corey and Chris. They always included me in everything they did, and were always encouraging. Even if it was encouraging me “not to tell Mom and Dad” that Corey shot Chris in the chest with his BB gun while they were gone! I never wanted to disappoint them, so I assured them that I wouldn’t tell. I kept my promise too. That was until I saw my parents pull into the driveway, and I must have forgotten about the whole, “cross my heart, blah blah blah, stick a needle, blah blah blah”. Heck yes I told my parents. I ran as fast as I could  and blabbed the entire thing. Probably a little bit more dramatic than it actually was, but nonetheless…I was a total tattletale. But they still loved me.  

One of my favorite past times was watching the old home movies. Seeing these…it’s pretty apparent that they were pretty fond of me as well. I mean, really, how can you not be? 🙂 My favorite one is when I was about 2 or 3 months old. My brothers are sitting on the couch passing me back and forth. Literally. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that I was a bobble head. I grew up thinking that my head was not attached to the rest of my body after seeing the way it was flopped around. I always wished that these movies had sound because I would like to think that our parents were in the background yelling, “hold her head!”. Corey and Chris were all smiles the entire time, playing pass the Caiti. I later learned that when my Mom would ask them to keep an eye on me, they would prop me up on the couch by stacking pillows 3 high on each side of me. But, they still loved me.  

I remember them playing Barbie’s with me one second and the next we were playing G.I. Joe’s and having crab apple fights. I followed them everywhere. They would play Cops and Robbers on the 3-wheelers, and I would either be in my play house serving them “coffee” and “donuts” out of my drive through window, or I would be slowly tagging behind driving the riding lawnmower! Of course, if I was the cop I NEVER caught up to the robbers on that slow thing!  Literally, there was turtle speed and rabbit speed. I’ve never seen a slower rabbit.

Every once in a while our parents would take us to the gas station to get a candy bar and I would wait to pick mine out until Corey and Chris had picked theirs. It never failed, I would pick the exact same thing as they picked. Obviously, they wouldn’t pick the same thing…so I would always pick which one sounded best. Still, it was identical to one of them. Every once in a while I could detect some irritation with a sigh…But they still loved me. 

I remember every night my mom would take me to their rooms so I could hug and kiss them goodnight. On Christmas Eve, my brothers would let me sleep with them. As weird as this might sound, I remember wanting to be like them SO bad, that just like them, I would wear only my undies. Every single picture we have on Christmas morning is me, and my brothers, in our skivvies. Well, not every picture. The funny thing is, I would always get them matching gifts; matching type writers (yeah, they were awesome), matching shirts, hats…really matching anything. But they still loved me. 

I sit here tonight wishing for my kids to have the same type of relationship as I have had with my brothers growing up. Not afraid to be silly with each other. Always willing to listen…no matter how busy their lives are. I’m sure I was pretty annoying at times; always tagging along (and the occasional tattling). But, I could never get tired of them. They are two men that I will always look up to no matter how old we get. 

I love them…and I’m pretty sure they still love me. 🙂


One response to “…They Still Loved Me.

  1. dawn says:

    I know I still love you all! Oh and by the way, you were days old not months! And yes we were in the background telling them to be more gentle.

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